1. InStat Reports

Team coaches receive statistical reports of each match of the tournament where their clubs play. On 5-6 pages of the report a coach can study in detail either individual characteristics of each football player or both teams’ features. Graphic elements (statistics in match dynamics, in zones etc.) allow to see statistics in a more visual way. Therefore, coaches have a possibility to compare their players to the players of rivals acting on the same position, and also to the best players of Europe. We analyze all matches in a League and a coach receives weekly a total report of the tour. This kind of report may serve as a main source of information about the best football players on different criteria in the match day.

      2. InStat Analysis

InStat Football has a unique team of analysts and consultants. We help football clubs analyze statistical information in the correct way. Analitycal texts of InStat Football is an irreplaceable instrument for studying either own team’s features or for a deep studying of every next rival of the club in the tournament.

      3. InStat Video

InStat Football statistics is also available in the program InStat Video – a unique instrument for quick, convenient and easy-to-use video analysis of football matches. Within several minutes InStat Football clients can watch any episode of the match – either with a certain football player or with a team performance at set pieces, on counter-attacks etc. Our clients use InStat Video for the analysis of their own matches, detailed studying of next rival and watching episodes with any football player they are interested in.

      4. InStat Scout

InStat Scout is an easy and convenient program for a search of new players. It can be used in any Internet browser. InStat Scout contains information about all matches from our database. Within several seconds clubs’ scouts can watch the latest matches of the players they are interested in, separate 10-minutes episodes with all player’s actions, all goals and the most interesting and impressive episodes of the player during the tournament. The evident advantage of our scouting program is a possibility to search players appropriate to certain quality criteria – players with good dribbling skills, good in one-on-one situations etc.

      5. InStat Match Center

InStat Football collaborates successfully not only with football clubs but also with mass media representatives promptly sharing the most interesting and useful statistical information with football fans. Media-users receive information in a format most appropriate for them. At client’s request we can install on his site InStat Match Center – the most impressive flash-decision in Europe for statistics and match video display in online mode

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